Sony Patent Hints At Plans For Gaikai Service?

Posted: January 3, 2014 in News

A newly published Sony patent filed last year and published by NeoGAF this week reads:

Among other things, this application describes a method and apparatus for emulating a video game that includes generating snapshots that can be used for incorporating new content into the emulated video games.

The patent also describes how developers would go about adding new content to legacy games:

A section [0017] In order to create mini-games without reverse engineering and recoding a game designer may rely on the use of triggers and snapshots to provide information needed for the mini-games without having to dig into the code of the legacy game. Triggers are further described in commonly assigned co-pendingapplication Ser. No. 61/666,628 (Attorney Docket Number SCEA12004US00) filed the same day as the present application and entitled “DETERMINING TRIGGERS FOR CLOUD-BASED EMULATED GAMES”.

The mini-games may be made by providing an emulator with game inputs that bring the emulated game to a certain point where the mini-game will begin. A snapshot may be generated according to aspects of the present disclosure and that point may be used as the used as the starting point in the future mini-game. Thereafter, triggers may be generated in order to provide new experiences for the game. Game designers may then develop a script and combine it with the snapshot and triggers to produce the mini-game. Therefore, in order to design mini-games in this manner, there is a need in the art for a method of quickly generating snapshots.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida previously confirmed that the Gaikai service will launch in North America sometime in 2014. It is not expected to launch in Europe until 2015 due to differing internet speeds across various EU regions. Gaikai will give PS4 users the ability to stream a number of PS3 games on their PS4 from the cloud.


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